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Accessibility to your business has changed in the last few years. We’re here to help provide solutions. Whether it’s a touch free entry system, automatic door operator, or handicap entry solutions, we have the answer.

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Free Estimates: Give us a call to visit. We’ll provide a hassle-free experience.

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Common Questions

Below are some common questions we receive when customers are considering accessibility solutions:

What is an automatic door operator?

An Auto Operator or Door Operator is an electrified device that automatically opens a door/doors.

Can I pair an automatic door operator with a keyfob for my tenants?

Yes, you can. Auto operators are commonly paired with Access control systems to give users a key-free entry door system.

Do you offer a touchless option for door operators?

We do. Now that we are all paying a bit more attention to germs and viruses, we have brought in serveral different touchless options for automatic door systems.

Is it possible to use a remote or keyfob to open a door?

Yes, we have remotes that can be carried on a person to open a doorway. We can also use a mobile phone and connected app to unlock and open a doorway.

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