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Our Home Builder program makes it easy for contractors to create smarter and safer communities with our best-in-class smart home technology.

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Smart Home Technology

Self-Guided Tours: Create a flexible and pressure free shopping experience.

All-In-One App: Our App gives owners full control of their smart home.

Build Income: Contact us to learn more about how we can increase your annual revenue through this service.

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Common Questions

Below are some common questions we receive when customers are considering the homebuilder program:

Can you tell me more about your Builder Program?

Absolutely! Our homebuilder program provides new homes and communities with smart home solutions that your buyers will love. Control your lights, locks, thermostats, and more with our user-friendly mobile app. Reach out to one of our dedicated team members for more information on this service.

What is UTour?

UTour is a platform built to enhance the buyers experience when shopping for a new home. This is accomplished by giving the buyer the ability to unlock and disarm the home through their mobile phone as well as set up a time to view the property all through the mobile app. UTour and Alarm.com have partnered to help builders increase walk-throughs and quickly sell the home.

How does UTour work?

The prospective buyer visits your website and finds a home, they select the date and time to tour the home, then they create an account, an email is auto-drafted providing information on the property as well as a digital code to unlock the home. Lastly, the sales team is notified of the scheduled tour.

How will adding this service help me sell more houses?

Consumers today are rapidly adding smart home features to their existing homes. Smart thermostats, door locks, and doorbell cameras are commonly found in nearly every residential area in the country. Consumers love the features and control smart home products provide. Alarm.com is one of the only all-in-one smart home systems available today, making this service a huge bonus to each home you build, helping to sell it quickly and at a premium price point.

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